A Wild Escape is such a good name. It’s both exciting and easy to remember. Me? I just switched from FotaDig.Nu Sweden to Jonas Burman Photography – and I confess, I felt the pressure, and then I did like so many others have done and just used my name for my brand. I mean it’s working for Jonas Bendiksen, Jonas Rask and Jonas Peterson, so why wouldn’t it work for me – right? 😉

But still.

A. Wild. Escape. Why didn’t I think of that? Such a cool name.

Anyway, A Wild Escape consists of Gina and Chris, two talented wedding photographers based in Cologne, Germany. They were very open about that they almost burned out when they found out that working as a wedding photographer meant something completely different than they’d expected. What started as joyful creativity almost got crushed by the heavy burden of entrepreneurship, marketing, financial problems and constantly updating social media.

I’m glad they managed to turn the ship around and found another route, that suited them much better. A wild escape was born out of the desire to do what they loved and love what they did. Given that they are wedding photographers, the name fits extra well for all brides and grooms, just beginning their adventure.



What I kept in my heart, from Gina and Chris’ presentation, is that we really are interested in other people and their stories. Not only the sunshine stories and perfect Instagram feeds. What we want is to follow someone’s journey, someone’s struggle, someone’s dream. The heros’ story.

We want to take part of their challenges, listen to them and hopefully celebrate with them when they finally reach their goal. We care about other people and want to help if we can. We want to be supportive and give advise. We want to help others reach their goals and feel that we contributed. Right? At least that’s what I believe.

Thank you for a good presentation Gina and Chris. You gave me hope again – that honesty, authenticity, kindness and openness is the answer. I promise to be as transparent and genuine as possible to everyone who is following my journey.

With Love,



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Don’t have a ticket for the next event yet? You can find them here! (And no, I don’t get paid to say that, I say it because I want to see you there).

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