Jai Long is the sweetest guy. He is an Australian photographer based in Melbourne, who travels a lot. I met him after a presentation he did in Germany. We had a great chat about how children between the ages of 4-5 share the same pattern of brainwaves as geniuses like Marie Curie and Albert Einstein. Children are creative geniuses, but somewhere along the way we seam to lose that gift. Jai says fear is a natural part of life, and without it our species would never have survived, but it will limit our lives unless we challenge it. Being in the place where we are uncomfortable is at the same time being where we grow as individuals.



Jai has started several projects and companies over the years, and his talk at Way Up North in Cologne is about how to create a business plan. In the end, a business plan is eventually just a repeatable process. What can you do, that creates value for others, and is worth paying for? That sounds easy enough, but how do you do it? According to Jai, it is a three-step process:




This is the part where you need to figure out your own vision. Why do you do the things you do? What is the purpose? What do you believe in? What would you do, even if nobody paid you for it?

To me that is creating such a special experience for you that you’ll see how beautiful you really are and how precious your relationships are. I do my very best to leave this world a better place and to remind everyone of how beautiful life is. And how amazing you can be, when embracing love instead of fear. That’s my why. That’s why I do what I do, always.




When you know why you do the thing you do, the next step is to find out who your customers are. What is your target market? Who needs and wants what you offer?

To me that is you, of course. And over the years I’d like to think I’ve come to know you pretty well. You appreciate beautiful photographs filled with authentic feelings and heartfelt moments. Your relationships are very important to you, regardless if is your lover, your children or your friends, we’re talking about. You love people. You also love animals, traveling, training, superheroes, strong coffee and even stronger women.




What are you actually doing and how? Think about your favorite brands and why you like them. How can you deliver an equally amazing experience and unique product to your clients?

So what is it that I do for you? I invite you to a safe space where you are allowed to be yourself and celebrate the unique, beautiful person you really are. I then capture and present these precious moments through a visual medium. In short – I capture the beauty of you being you and give you the memories to keep as images.






Jai told me to build something I’m proud of, and I promise you I will, but I need your help. I want the world to see how beautiful you are. You are important. By showing that there are actually decent people in this world and that love and kindness are real, you create hope for all of those who think the world is a bad and scary place. Let’s create some art together for everyone to see. Be my super hero just by being you!



With love,

Jonas Burman



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