Wedding, Umeå

The rain is pouring down as I get out of the car and I try to take shelter, while I pick and choose among the equipment I need for the day. Today I will photograph Maria and Lisandro’s wedding story, from beginning to end, as they get married. I’ve been looking forward to this day for a long time now, and have quite high expectations on how it will turn out. It’s such an amazing bridal couple and it should be nothing less than spectacular. Both Maria and Lisandro are warm, genuine and positive people.

If it only could stop raining soon.

And, just like a that – the rain magically stops.  At the same instant, Maria and her sister Sissi comes around the corner, right outside the hairdresser where we’re supposed to meet. Maria shines brighter than the sun and I get a big, warm hug. I chat a little with her sister and quickly come to the conclusion that we have the same kind of quirky humor.

At another hair salon, nearby, Lisandro is getting hair cut while he is chatting with his bestman, Hugo. In a little while I’ll run over there and check how they are doing – but first some mingle and a sip of champagne with the girls.

There and then the wedding day begins – a day that I wish I could photograph all over and over again.




“There and then the wedding day begins – a day I wish I could photograph all over and over again.”


Makeup GlossGods

Maria’s hair Källberg Elmberg

Lisandro’s hair Speechless

Wedding venue Baggböle Herrgård




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